Louise Campion Pay What You Can uni art garage sale❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹


Hello wonderful people and thank you for your interest and constant support towards my practice. I am moving to the UK in September to start graduate school and sadly have to leave behind most things I have accumulated over the years in Montreal, including my Uni art! A bachelor of fine arts consists in a weird couple of years when it comes to creation: lots of experiments, lots of exercices and assignments, lots of wrong directions taken…. but they were all in service of who I am becoming as an artist now so I am thankful and thought that maybe some of you would appreciate keeping a souvenir of this journey I am taking....


This temporary page is full of randoms things I made through different contexts, documentation is not very professional, so bear with my messiness and hopefully find the patience to go through all the pics with an open mind
A few info:


- This is gonna be a Pay What You Can situation (+ shipping if needed), but in rare instances I may require a minimum
- Just dm me the picture or the name of what you want + how much you would like to pay for it and we’ll figure it out @louise_campion
- I live close to Berri-Uqam metro!
- I reserve the right to say no if the arrangement doesn’t work for me for any reason

- I will prioritize ppl taking multiple things

- I will prioritize ppl taking things in package but am also not against only wanting part of something

- if you want one of these to turn it into something else and call it a collaboration i’m also down, together we are stronger:)))) just lmk!

- Most drawings are between A4 and A3 formats, let me know if you really need precise sizing

- They are not all in good shape: passed from one notebook to another over the years. Most pictures have been taken this week though, and my opinion is that a good frame will always allow the most common sketch to stand out:)


Thank you again for your support, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all the ppl who have been believing in me, I see you




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