My current practice focuses on the exploration of awareness and emotional survival in a context of global violence. Through my paintings and drawings, I wish to engage with the viewer in ways that are both empathetic and educative. As our western ways of life leave a lot of us feeling isolated and stranded, I want people to know they aren't alone and that this very idea of isolation as a common factor can bring us together to then in time, inspire action. My hope with every new piece is to bring often overlooked information into light to spark a conversation on mental health, social issues, global warming or general interrogations I have regarding the ecosystem I live in.

As an artist, I’m interested in translating this intersectionality in terms of medium. As such, the use of age-old mediums (oil, tempera…) to express highly contemporary subjects allows for a more reflective look on both global issues and art practices. Far from dwelling in nostalgia, reconnecting with the past is a means to raise new questions about the present, which then leads to new ways of envisioning the future.

In order for it to feel complete, this process involves producing a huge majority of the materials that I use myself. Over the years, I’ve started building my own stretchers, mixing my own paints, primers and varnishes, producing my own papers... I am always seeking for ways to produce my own tools and materials; thus I reduce my environmental impact and reclaim creative control over my work.

Current Explorations

Survival through progress

(global scale)

- ecology/deep ecology (+marine life)

- cognitive psychology
- racism

- sexism

- homo&transphobia (+queer movement in general)
- animal cruelty
- overpopulation

- A.I.

more recent interrogations:

- "late capitalism" internet concept

- collective neurosis

- Indigenous rights

- Syrian refugees crisis

- israelo/palestinian conflict in Art

- neo nazis and trump’s USA

- FN's rise in France

- "cultural appropriation" concept


Survival through personal development (individual scale)


- spirituality: questioning my catholic background / history of Islam, Judaïsm and Buddhism / spiritual alternatives

- mental health

- relationship to nature in daily habits: naturopathy, plant-based food, "organic"

- relationship to objects: minimalist lifestyle, zero waste movement, #itsthelittlethings

- reconnecting with body: sports, meditation, immersive experiences (concerts, gatherings, travelling)


more recent interrogations:
- body positive movement

- social media as positive tool for mental health

- lithotherapy

- equitherapy

- V.R.


Survival through Art

(artist scale)

- balance between art connoisseurs expectations / general public interest / personnal exigence and satisfaction

- "post-post-modernism"

- figurative art

- techniques and materials of old masters

- colors

- aesthetic/"le Beau"

- sound design and electroacoustic relationship to visual art

more recent interrogations:

- reconnecting with intuition

- "Art is substraction"

- Graphic novel = important & valid art

- neo-abstract expressionism

- more experiencing

- ceramic and mosaic

- poetry

- young audience



Marina Abramovitch - Jocelyne Alloucherie - Michel-Ange - Michel Blazy - François Boucher - Brian Calvin - Emily Carr - Christo & Jeanne-Claude - Gustave Courbet - Robert Delaunay - André Derain - Peter Doig - Xavier Dolan - Raoul Dufy - Olafur Eliasson - Marco Evaristti - Helen Frankenthaler - Gaspard Friedrich - Lola Gonzàlez - Katharina Grosse - David Hockney - Jenny Holzer - Edward Hopper - Pierre Huyghe - JR - Frida Kahlo - Josh Keys - Ragnar Kjartansson - Gustav Klimt - Harmony Korine - Barbara Kruger - Jonathan Lasker - Cary Leibowitz - Claude Lévêque - René Magritte - Édouard Manet - Jen Mann - Kerry James Marshall - Jason Martin - Claude Monet - François Morrelet - Alphonse Mucha - Edvard Munch - Philippe Parreno - Tommi Parrish - Pierre et Gilles - Richard Prince - Jarek Puczel - Rembrandt - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Albert Robida - Mark Rothko - Ed Rusha - Egon Schiele - Dana Schutz - Allan Sekula - David Shrigley - Alfred Sisley - Berndnaut Smilde - Gregory Thielker - William Turner - Barry Underwood - Vincent Van Gogh - Gus Van Sant - Johannes Vermeer - Tim Walker - Chloé Wise


5 last good readings (bibliography under construction)

The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Indians in North America, Thomas King (2012)

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, Stephen Hawking (1988)

Vincent Van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo (1914)

Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare (1602)

Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Violence, Lisa Factora-Borchers & Aishah Shahidah Simmons (2014)

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