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Wondering if men in suits turn me on or piss me off

I’ve always seen my dad in a suit. For as long as I can remember, the powerful figure of the male in a two or three piece tuxedo working, or coming home from work has been a part of my education as something directly related to success and attractiveness. A few years ago, my dad got me a job in an office for the summer, and my arrival in the regular proletarian manner of organization struck me in different levels. It is an extremely white male world with its very own codes of conduct and unwritten rules, and where people approach reality in a very specific way. With priorities that are really different than mine.

Fascinated by this reality, I came to understand that everything making me angry or sad towards our contemporary society (whether related to climate emergency, patriarchy, racism, indigenous oppression, capitalism and so and so) has been in the end, decided, approved and validated by a « powerful » male in a suit, behind a desk. With different priorities than mine.


My goal with this series is to explore the occidental corporate world and its absurd dynamics through an overall energy created by colours combinations and relationships. I am focusing on the notion of power and charisma conveyed in the body language of those figures, especially in the bust, the position of the shoulders, and the gesture of the hands. And I’m trying to understand, as well as to question, the attractive value of greed.

The human head is really heavy

This new series of drawings is really personal. Using paper I made myself, I started a diary style drawing research, aiming to reconnect with my spontaneity in creation and stepping back from deep conceptual dialectic. The human head is really heavy is a simple production system which aims to gain its straight with time and abondance:

my pink handmade paper -- red ink
images of the daily -- thoughts and 
observations I make regarding the ecosystem I wander in

my intuitive drawing style -- my handwriting


By implementing a system, I allow more space to my personal feelings in the foreground of the work hoping for my public to find comfort in relatibility. As our western ways of life leave a lot of us feeling isolated and stranded, I want people to know they aren't alone and that this very idea of isolation as a common factor can bring us together to then in time, inspire action. Like stated in my bio, my current practice focuses on the exploration of awareness and emotional survival in a context of global violence. My goal in this series other that reconnecting with the concept of naive artistic practice, is to express myself and spark conversations on topics like mental health, hypersensitivity, social fights, eco-anxiety and more.